Casualty Losses

Casualty Losses

Fire, Storm, and Water Damage

We never think that it can happen to us, but on occasion, we, or someone we know, will experience a casualty loss. It can be fire, storm damage, and water damage, as well as others. BACORP Building Group, Inc has many years of experience with curing these types of losses.

If you experience a loss, it is absolutely crucial that you contact BACORP Building Group, Inc as soon as the loss occurs, and before you call your insurance company. 
storm damage

An Immediate Review

We will review the situation for you immediately upon your call, and we will perform the review for free. We can give you the range to the extent of the damage and help you determine if you require additional representation in the form of a public adjuster.

BACORP Building Group, Inc suffered its own loss in the early 1990’s when a raccoon caused an electrical fire that destroyed our office building. The Insurance company’s initial offer was to downplay the total loss and offer us $83,000 to rebuild. We eventually settled the claim for over $320,000. The above situation was resolved and settled with the assistance of a public adjuster.
water damage

Invaluable Assistance

Their assistance was invaluable due to the complexities of the claim, and the attitude of the insurance company involved. Even if one were to have the appropriate knowledge to move through this arduous process, few would have the available time that is required.

Subsequent to our own loss, we have also assisted some of our clients. In some cases, we have had our clients seek out an advocate in Community Claims Associates, of Toms River, NJ, to represent them and their interests, during this extraordinarily difficult time. We highly recommend this firm, due to our personal experience with their assistance in settling our claim, as well as, the claims of other clients.

We receive no remuneration from Community Claims Associates. Just a promise… a promise to represent our clients with honesty and integrity, as they did for us. In 2007, one of our clients suffered a water damage loss which exceeded $250,000. We immediately inspected the damage and contacted Community Claims Associates for their assistance.

Our clients had been away on a holiday, only to return to a broken pipe which spewed 139,000 gallons of water, over a period of 12 days. Within hours of discovering the damage, there were crews at their home, attempting to mitigate their loss. Most people would be hesitant to start cleaning up prior to an inspection by the insurance company and are unaware that the insurance company expects you to attempt to minimize your loss.

They may decline a portion of your claim if you do not. After completely photographing and documenting the damage, the process began immediately. Our client had an advocate in Community Claims Associates to legally represent them in the settlement of their claim, with their insurance company.

As our client, BACORP Building Group, Inc will continue to work in your best interests. Based upon our familiarity with your home, we can complete the necessary repairs, in record time. If required, we can also recommend representation for you, in the way of a public adjuster. Please review the following information provided to us by Community Claims Associates, a Public Adjuster that we highly recommend and trust.

Keeping the Public Informed

Community Claims Associates is a family owned and operated insurance adjustment firm, with over thirty years combined experience. We are an advocate of the policyholder in adjusting and negotiating property insurance claims.
Our firm exists due to the inherent conflict of interest which exists when one entity, (insurance companies), represent both sides of a financial transaction. We are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of a home or business owner, in the insurance claim process. Among other things, it is Community Claims Associates responsibility to:

  • Evaluate the existing policy in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to an insurance claim
  • Make recommendations to improve the insured’s existing policy, to make certain that the policyholder has the best coverage for his situation. Any changes to the policy are made by the policyholder’s insurance agent. We do not sell insurance
  • Research, detail, and substantiate every aspect of a claim, including building damage, contents, and extra living expense claims, etc.
  • Determine the appropriate values for settling all covered damages
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement, with the insurance company, on behalf of an insured
  • Conduct a policy consultation and inspection of the policyholder’s property, to identify any damage which the policyholder may not be aware of, at the time

1. This inspection and policy review is usually done by Community Claims Associates at no cost to the policyholder.

2. It is recommended that policyholders have this policy consultation and inspection, prior to any claims, in order to ensure he has the best coverage in the event of a claim.

3. This relationship is also important to establish prior to any claim, so in the event that damage is incurred to the policyholder’s property, you have at hand Community Claims Associates’ knowledge and skills on your behalf, from the beginning of the claim negotiation process.

Equally important, is that Community Claims Associates is educated in the same fashion as insurance company adjusters and independent adjusters. The reason that this fact is notable, is that many homeowners and business owners are not familiar with what damage to look for after a property damage incident, or what their policy covers.

Thus, the policyholder can come up short when paying to have the damages repaired, and/or have hidden damage go unnoticed, which can cause the policyholder to have problems in the future.

In short, Community Claims Associates has the knowledge and skills to work with the insurance companies, to make certain the policyholder gets the maximum amount of reimbursement for both easily noticeable damage, and more hidden damages. We obviate certain difficulties in negotiating with insurance companies, as BACORP Building Group, Inc has previously attested.

Community Claims Associates’ professional and conscientious adjusters can make a tremendous difference in the amount of a policyholder’s settlement, as well as, reduce or eliminate the stress and hassle of dealing with property insurance claims.

Community Claims Associates is a highly respected public adjustment company, serving the interests of the insured public. Our single objective is to represent you, the victim of a loss, in the proper submission of your claim, and to assure a settlement that reflects full and fair reimbursement for damages to which you are entitled, and for which you have paid for, under your insurance coverage.

Community Claims Associates are specialists in the property damage recovery field. Our extensive experience includes dealing with all major insurance carriers and representing the public in numerous claims settlements.

Information for Insured Public

In today’s policies of property insurance, coverage is often provided for all risks. This means, that with certain exclusions, anything that happens to your property and causes a loss to you is covered.

After your initial review with BACORP Building Group, Inc, we recommend that you consult with us first, prior to contacting your insurance company. We will do that for you as your licensed representative. If you are presently involved in the claim process with your carrier, we request that you do not proceed until we have had the opportunity to review your case and make sensible judgments on the next step in the process.

This review of your claim, and if necessary the property, is often with no obligation. We will review your situation and present our approach to settlement and let you make the decisions.

New Jersey Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

Through the efforts of the N.J.A.P.I.A. over the past twenty years, legislation governing the industry of public adjusting was enacted in 1993. Today, this organization is the only recognized voice for public adjusters in NJ and continues to influence the various legislative and governing bodies in the state.

N.J.A.P.I.A. is also an affiliate member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. N.A.P.I.A. has been promoting the interests of the public adjuster and Insured since 1950.

Among other objectives, N.J.A.P.I.A. intends to establish and maintain high standards of conduct and efficiency, among its members, and to study and assist in carrying out the provisions of all laws and regulations, pertaining to the public insurance adjusters formulated by the U.S. Government or by the legislative bodies and Insurance Department of the State of NJ.

Community Claims Associates is an active member of the New Jersey Association of Public Insurance Adjusters since 1990. The principal in Community Claims Associates, Barry Sipe has held the office of secretary and is a past president of N.J.A.P.I.A.
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