Design and Build

Design and Build

Beginning With a Budget

We start off with a question in order to answer the question: What if you were to spend $10 to $15,000.00 having a home designed only to discover that the design far exceeded your budget? Even after numerous design meetings some of the most basic considerations like the orientation of the home, its energy efficiency, or even just views that were never considered in its design.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

Many clients come to us after experiencing this very scenario. BACORP Building Group, Inc is a design and build team whose objective is to work with serious clients to extract specific information regarding their criteria such as lifestyle and overall project needs to provide the client with one or more energy-efficient design solutions which work within their budget. Contact us for more.

A Design and Price Without Spending a Dime

Each design is presented in floor plans, interior and exterior perspective views, which will even include a “virtual walk thru” utilizing our architectural software and our conference room big screen. Each design is then modified until the client is comfortable with both the design and the cost. The client is now where they want to be.

They have a design and a price that they are satisfied with and they haven’t spent a dime.
Our clients, having been fully engaged in the process, now have a better understanding of the entire building process from site planning through moving into their new home. An invaluable education as well as, being a “lot of fun" as described by our prior clients.
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"A unique feature of the house is the GEO-THERMAL heat pump that has provided all of our heating and cooling needs at very low energy costs and minimum maintenance.

While minimizing heat loss the construction makes for a very comfortable, quiet and draft-free house. We are finally looking forward to moving into our retirement house full time."

- Dot and Bill Connolly
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